Anderson Knight Architects




AKA was commissioned to design a twelve unit three-story apartment building located on an infill lot within an neighborhood to the west of the Kansas State University campus.  As we started to imagine what kind of user experience would be both uniquely attractive and economical we decided use very common materials in an uncommon but very thoughtful way with a high level of detail to create an apartment building that sets itself apart from the other apartment buildings in a transitional college neighborhood.

It was a fun problem solving experiment figuring out how we could make sure to check off all the desired boxes for the developer such as open loft style designed, one bedroom, on bathroom units, with durable and sustainable finishes, while maintaining style and energy efficient features by integrating bamboo floors, low volatile organic compound carpeting, low volatile organic compound paint, and energy star appliances.

AKA is always looking for ways to make the lives those using the spaces we create better. We use concrete, steel and wood to tell a story and bring someones dreams to reality.  The experence of how those living in one of our designed spaces feel or how two materials connect have been carefully crafted to harmoniously meld to those who live, work and play within. How and why we bring materials together to make something complex, simple, is our joy.