Anderson Knight Architects



Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School

AKA was once again privileged to partner with USD 383 on a project that consisted of an addition and renovation to the existing school with considerations for future classroom additions. The new construction consists
of a new multi-purpose building for the gymnasium, cafeteria, kitchen and stage. A secure front entrance is being provided by moving the administration space down to the main level adjacent to the main entrance. The existing gymnasium will be converted to the library and administration suite, freeing up critical space in the existing building so that it may be used for additional classrooms.

After extensive research and cooperation with both the community and USD 383 is was desired to maintain the character of the original 1923 limestone school to the greatest extent possible. It was critical to school operations to move administration area to grade level and provide an adjacency to the main entrance to address security issues, as well as gain additional classroom space. Additionally it was desired to create a design that allowed the entire building to be ADA compliant, and upgrade fire/life safety, as well as the heating/cooling systems.