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How to Architect Step One: Programming


In an effort to educate everyone on the process of architecture, we have created a video series teaching what exactly it is architects do throughout the design and construction process.

Join us in our first episode of: How To Architect!

As discussed in the video above, programming is all about finding the right recipe for your individual building. In archi-speak, it’s where we assess your building-use information and plan our design concepts and programmatic objectives. We look at everything from spatial needs, adjacencies and relationships, project costs, staff and employee projections, and even utility and equipment requirements.

A successful project absolutely necessitates a good building program.

When we start this process, we sit down with you and discuss all your hopes and dreams, your needs and aspirations, and your grandest visions for this special building which we will help create. Through our discussion with you, we start to create the program for your building. A successful project absolutely necessitates a good building program, and it is only by thoroughly engaging with you that we can glean that information in a reliable way.

Programming is really about finding the right mix and sizes of spaces in order to meet your needs. We take the ideas you have for how your building should function for you and we use past experience and knowledge to dial in the approximate sizes and square footages of each of these spaces. Of course, along the way, the sizes and relationships can, and should, change. This initial step just gives us a great foundation to start actually designing your building, and it should help propel the success of the project even after construction and occupancy. If a program is really well fleshed out and truly indicative of how the building should/will be used, then the success of that building program can be seen for many years to come. It is the foundation for all that we do.

Once we have the formal program determined, it is time to move on to the second step in the process: Schematic Design!

Join us in our next episode to discuss Schematic Design.