Anderson Knight Architects

The Story



We have always had a desire to dream, create and inspire. All our lives.

From the very start.  

It drives us forward, and grows us daily...

When our clients dream, they ignite a process that allows us to be creative. We use concrete, wood and steel to tell their story and bring their vision to reality.  How they feel in a space or how two materials connect are carefully considered, then harmoniously melded with those who live, work and play within. Bringing together materials in a way that makes the complex appear simple is our joy.

AKA is deeply committed to understanding how the nuts and bolts connect the heart and soul. Architecture is only our byproduct of creative design that tells the story of others. We design buildings, but our desire is to create spaces that cultivate relationships.

Our perfect outcome? To create a building that conveys a story about the person, family, organization, faith, or occupation of those who dwell within it. A design that provides an opportunity for our clients and their communities, to be inspired to aspire to live their dreams.

AKA cuts out the bravado, and cultivates an environment to ask, why?

There are no dumb questions.

Only dreams…


“That’s just the way it is.” Is not an answer.

Creating custom solutions is.


At the end, when the dust settles.

Aspire onward, and be inspired to dream again.


We dream of sophisticated, professional and alluring architecture. We create simple, efficient and genuine reflections of those who use it. We believe relationship inspires design.

We are Anderson Knight Architects.

Also Known As.


Dream. Create. Inspire.